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Viki Mealings

August 11, 2017

Viki Mealings made this programme with 3CR Spoken Word presenter Santo Cazzati shortly after releasing her first book of poetry, 'Delivery'. Viki describes herself as 'quiet, humble and unremarkable'. Be that as it may, her poetry is most remarkable in its power, expressiveness and leanings towards social justice. She deals with the urban realities of Melbourne's outer suburbs, racism, the humiliation women feel when trying on 'standard' sized clothing in department stores. Highlights of the programme are her renditions of her extraordinarily intense poems Dissonant Blues and Misplaced. The programme also includes Santo's tribute poem to Brazilian bossa nova - a shared interest with Viki.


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August 11, 2017

Philton has been a poet and publisher of literature for many years on the Melbourne scene. He has more recently moved to the Mornington Peninsula where, in addition to the foregoing, he has been active in establishing the Rhonda Jankovic Society to encourage the expression of social justice through literature (the late Rhonda Jankovic being the founder of the Spoken Word programme on 3CR and a long time station stalwart and social justice advocate). Philton's own poetry also comes from a social justice perspective and is, furthermore, imbued with a gentle humour and subtle writing style. A former newsreader on this station, his rich deep bass reciting voice is made for radio.


Tim Train

August 4, 2017

Hear the tongue twisting verbal virtuosity, scintillating wordplay and mega-absurd take on the respectability of officialdom and regularity of Tim Train, a trained voice whose train of thought blusters through with the intensity of a steam train. Tim talks to Spoken Word presenter Santo Cazzati about his blogging, zines and performance poetry. We hear, among other pieces, Tim's sickly parodies of cozy oldtime elocution Songs of the Great Trams and Underpantoum, and his crazy satirisation of the Poetry Gig Guide.


Steve Smart

July 28, 2017

Santo Cazzati and Steve Smart occupy the studios of 3CR and draw out inane chatter to an extent not thought possible. They have a satirical take on the glorious poetry career of megabucks, high academic recognition and egotistical self regard. We also hear preserved for all time Dr Smart's magical realist nightmare poem The Great Bingo Curse and others of his classics. The continuous flow of the programme also includes poetry by Meg Dunn and Santo himself.


Rhys Rodgers

July 21, 2017

Santo Cazzati is joined in the studio by a very young Rhys Rodgers, fresh from his stellar performance at the 2009 Queensland Poetry Festival. We hear his sing song musicality as he winds his way through his various emotional baggages. Very oriented to performance poetry, his material is frequently about the twists and turns of intense intimate relationships, with sharp political thrusts into sexual politics. In the discussion, he gives us a fascinating insight into the process of composition of such pieces.


Pope Fred

July 10, 2017

The meeting of a saint and a pope - Spoken Word presenter Santo Cazzati introduces Pope Fred, anarchist, cultural agitator and colourful personality. Pope Fred rants spiritedly against car culture, consumerism, the mental health system and many others. The two protagonists discuss the reasons for the attempted control of society through the mental health system, the underlying economic causes of society's ills and the possibilities for a revolutionary transformation of that society.


Jessica, Koraly and Santo free-for-all

May 26, 2017

A rare programme with three presenters together in the studio : 3CR Spoken Word co-founder Santo Cazzati with newer personnel Koraly Dimitriades and Jessica Alice. Topics discussed include the immigrant experience, feminist theory in poetry, youth culture, and the musicality of the voice. Each presenter performs one of their poems : Santo does Music for Restaurants, about the Vietnamese immigrant experience; Koraly does a tough and touching selection from her Love and Fuck Poems; and Jessica does the elegiac When The Bed Is Burning. We also hear the recorded voice of the other programme co-founder Rhonda Jankovic reading one of her poems. At the time, Rhonda was near death and unable to be in the studio, so the programme was a quiet tribute to her.


Paul Skec

May 19, 2017

A programme of crazy and spontaneous interaction between 3CR Spoken Word presenter Santo Cazzati and guest poet Paul Skec. Amidst the general philosophical prattle and weird noises emanating from the mouths of these two are observations on science, the Croatian language, the immigrant experience, Paul's wife Lish and their two twin children. Paul Skec is one of the ghoulish presences on Melbourne's grassroots poetry scene, always there skulking in the backround somewhere.


3CR Spoken Word First Programme (2009)

May 5, 2017

The first ever programme, from 2009. Introduced by the programme's founder, the late and much missed Rhonda Jankovic. With assistance from other members of the first team of presenters : Gerard Watkins, Peter Goodyear and Santo Cazzati. We hear a very wide range of poetry, from Judith Wright through to the blistering vocal pyrotechnics of the latest performance poetry.


Darcy Moran reads Oscar Wilde

May 2, 2017

Former 3CR Spoken Word presenter Darcy Moran reads the devastatingly moving yet aesthetically elegant as always Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde.