1. Asylum

2. Bulerias

3. Swooning Swirling Swerving Swelling

4. Bulgarian Rhythms


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Santo Cazzati : Collected Smirks Vol 2

December 15, 2017

SANTO CAZZATI presents :-


Price : absolutely free, gratis, zilch.

Contents :-

1 Signature

2 Groovy Greats

3 Rigaudon

4 Love Bossa

5 Trinidad Party

Released December 2017.

NB. Do not eat.


Cam Black and The Dan Poets

December 1, 2017

Former convenor of The Dan Poets, Cam Black, recorded in 2009, reminisces on the first 15 years' history of the gig which started in 1994 and continues every Saturday to the present (2017). He gives a snapshot of a typical afternoon at The Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton. We also hear a chunk of his own tight observational poetry, including a tribute to the then recently deceased character of Melbourne poetry, Shelton Lea.


Michael Reynolds Encore!

November 3, 2017

Michael Reynolds in conversation with Carmen Main- discussing all things poetry, photography and live music.

Michael reads poetry from his collection "Upon finding a chair in the forest", as well as some of his favourite poems by other Australian poets. Michael shares his uniquely generous and warm style of performance, as well as discussing how he became a pivotal part of the Melbourne Poetry community.


Waffle Irongirl

September 29, 2017

Carmen Main introduces her guest Waffle Irongirl. A conversation on poetry, snacks and Barnsey. This podcast contains ramen.


Brendan Bonsack

September 17, 2017

Brendan Bonsack, joining the team at 3CR Spoken Word. We hear him here reading his own poetry and conversing with long time presenter of the programme Santo Cazzati.


3CR Spoken Word : first live radiothon broadcast, 2009

September 12, 2017

The four original presenters are all heard on this recording : Rhonda Jankovic, Santo Cazzati, Peter Goodyear and Gerard Watkins. An insight into how community broadcasters raise money to stay on air in a world dominated by corporate media.


The History of the Limerick

September 8, 2017

Peter Goodyear, one of the founders of the Spoken Word programme on 3CR, presents a whirlwing tour through the history of the limerick.


Featuring Peter Davis

September 1, 2017

A special programme in which Santo Cazzati features long time 3CR stalwart Peter Davis, whose connection to the station goes back to 1993. Peter reads from his book Cravings For A Spectacular Sun and talks about a very wide range of topics, including : working 44 hours a week as a bus driver to fund his first poetry book; rare descriptions of sex-on-site venues and their etiquette; busking with his flute at Footscray Station; the local life of Fitzroy; and his poetry teacher, the revered Ania Walwicz.


Jon Garrett and the Spinning Room

August 29, 2017

Spoken Word presenter Santo is joined by Jon Garrett, who founded the legendary poetry gig Spinning Room in London before successfully transferring it to Melbourne, where it had a long run of memorable weekly events. Quite a feat to keep a gig running every week! And we hear Jon talking about the many characters who attended over 15 years. We also hear Jon's own poetry, in which he reveals very wide influences - quite eclectic really. A highlight is his tongue-in-cheek self-declaration as a poet, 'Work In Progress'.