One of the early programmes of the 3CR Spoken Word series, from 2009. Presenter Santo Cazzati invites into the studio the two poets who were the first people to talk to him when he was a shy first timer at poetry gigs. Susan and Libby both favour the shorter poem style but their respective attitudes to poetry and their personalities are very different. Susan demonstrates her thoughtful, restrained and pensive style, albeit with playful touches, while Libby is more obviously ironic and humorous, but reveals depth underneath the surface fun.


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Ian McBryde

April 12, 2017

Ian McBryde recently released his book of poetry We The Mapless. It is a retrospective of work from many of his previous books AS WELL AS containing new poems. His imagery is very striking, very disturbing - and very brief. He has a live reading style to match, which is heard in this programme to great effect as he caresses the 3CR microphones with his distinctive vocal cords.


Spoken Word - LauraFisher LIVE @ The Dancing Dog

April 9, 2017

Laura’s first job was with the prestigious British supermarket Sainsburys. She tried to make friends with her co-workers (for she had few at school), but since most of them were into So-Solid-Crew and Arsenal she found that she had more in common with the numerous bottles of condiments and tinned non-perishables that she was stacking. From there she left her half-cockney/half-posh conservative town of Welwyn Garden City to seek music, arts and literature in the industrial city of Manchester. There she joined the Manchester University Creative Writing Society who brought out an anthology called ‘Tiny Minds’. There are not many copies of this book in circulation, but literature archaeologists believe that there is one copy in her parent’s garage, despite Mr and Mrs Fisher being unable to locate it.

Laura then went on to live in Sheffield briefly and after she went Bristol for a duration, giving her an accent that is difficult to pin down and changeable depending on what mood she’s in. In Bristol she dedicated herself to a civic job unrelated to poetry where she joined a big, nation-wide team that served every member of the British public. The skills acquired in this role are appreciated on a global scale and this led Laura to the city of Melbourne.

Alone and far away from home, Laura missed her many English friends. She thought particularly of the condiments and non-perishables from her long ago first job and their struggle to get from the storeroom onto the shelves. She started writing poems to tell their stories. Laura has also been inspired by nature, the universe, the perspectives of animals and the difficulties that arise when animals choose to poo in places that are inconvenient to humans. She is also working on her novel ‘Autumnal Equinox’ which combines Celtic folklore with contemporary characters struggling in a grossly unequal, class dominated society.


Ms Saffaa: street art that depicts strong middle eastern women

March 28, 2017

In this edition of Spoken Word we hear spoken word readings by Ms Saffaa: a Sydney based artist, researcher, and a cultural activist.Saffaa is also interviewed by producer Peter Davis.

Ms Saffaa has an MFA in visual art from University of Sydney and is currently a Ph.D. candidate also at the University of Sydney. She exhibited at the Islamic Museum of Australia, in various galleries in Sydney, and internationally. She has also been commissioned to create public and private murals in Melbourne and Queensland and her work has been featured in media across the globe, including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC and PBS.   (this link has great pictures of Saffaa's street art)

 insta @IAmMyOwnGuardian

Ms Saffaa

Cultural Activist | Printmaker | Performance & Street Artist | Creator of the "I Am My Own Guardian" series. twitter @MsSaffaa insta @IAmMyOwnGuardian



Spoken Word - Rik the Most LIVE @ the Dan

February 15, 2017

Rik The Most (aka Rikki Livermore) is a powerful performance poet, hailing from the UK who enjoys taking inspiration from the, both, amazing and horrifying aspects of humanity to create works that question and deeply explore the world in which we live. He has performed at countless events and festivals all over the UK and his work has been featured by a number of worthy causes and campaigns, including the National Union of Teachers, art exhibitions in Tasmania and Finland and, notably, he was commissioned by the BBC to write two modern war poems for their World War One At Home tour – commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War. With a keen ear for rhythms, Rik used to work as a dancer but he sustained a long term injury which is currently halting that hobby, however he has maintained his intense passion (bordering on obsession!) for playing around with rhythms and rhymes in his written work, taking each word apart and analyzing the syllables for all they’re worth!


Fiona Stuart

February 11, 2017

Fiona Stuart is based in Melbourne. She is a writer of short fiction and poetry. After turning 40 she started a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Holmseglen TAFE, which she completed in 1999. Before that she paid the rent by working in the Public Service and then mostly unpaid in the Community sector with sole parents. She has raised 2 daughters, one of whom has a lifelong disability. Her early life on a farm in Western Victoria informs some of her poetry, and contrasts to her urban life/reality. She is published widely in many anthologies, through MPU and other sources.



Maxine Clarke

January 24, 2017

Santo Cazzati features West Indian / Australian writer, slam poet and multiple prizewinner Maxine Clarke. They talk about the African diaspora, racism, marginalisation and class disadvantage. Women's experience within the context of racism is also discussed. We hear a brilliant musical performance of Maxine's tribute to Josephine Baker. She also performs a piece in Jamaican patois.


Maurice McNamara

December 22, 2016

Maurice McNamara can charm a room full of people who thought they didn't like poetry. He is down to earth and easygoing, with a subtle and peculiar way of saying the commonplace and the ordinary. He reads from his book Half Hour Country, which sounds like fireside chat storytelling with a musical lilt. In this programme, he also indulges in colourful repartee with 3CR Spoken Word presenter Santo Cazzati.


Spoken Word - Marty Smith Live @ The Dan O’Connell

October 26, 2016

Marty Smith grew up in the remote hill country pahiatua and the sea. Her father made his kids learn to ride bareback hanging on by their knees so the whole time she was a track work rider in New Zealand and England she never fell off. Marty grew up in a time when smoking was communal and companionable and the people she loved floated through a blue haze like mirages. she wanted to touch them back into life again and she has done so with her amazing book of poetry and collage illustrations called horse with hat


Fadya Alameddine: reading Deep Within

September 24, 2016

Fadya Alameddine: “My novel 'Deep Within' was born after I had a dream, an utter awakening. Etched so deeply that it embraced my spirit so much that the only solution was ink to paper.

The main protagonist, Sarah Basheer, a seventeen year old Lebanese Druze girl, from an undesirable neighbourhood, develops a yearning desire to discover who she really is and ponders on her life, religion and infatuation with her high-school teacher.   

Sarah's parents having firm strict religious beliefs and ideals, force Sarah to travel to Lebanon and plan her arranged marriage to a stranger in fear they will lose their daughter to an Australian man. 

Will Sarah discover the truth behind her masked religion? Will she reunite with her unrequited love interest? Or in fact conform to her parents' rigidly enforced principles? “




Ms Fadya.Alameddine was born in Melbourne Victoria to Lebanese Druze parents whom immigrated to Australia in 1971 before the civil war broke out in Lebanon.
After graduating college in 1993, was accepted to a double degree Arts/Primary @ Deakin University, however deferred to travel with her parents overseas.
In the year of 1996 was successfully granted a job in a doctors surgery as a medical receptionist.
Owned and operated numerous cafés and small businesses.
Returned to study aged care completing cert 3 in aged care and currently studying Diversional therapy Cert 4 @ Holmsglen Campus in Chadston .
Currently works at Andrew Kerr Aged Care in Mornington as a PCA and Diversional Therapist.