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Jeltje Fanoy and Paul Skec live at the Night Heron

January 23, 2019

Jeltje Fanoy and Paul Skec live at the Night Heron

Ken Smeaton with Di and Santo

January 15, 2019

Ken Smeaton with Di and Santo

Christine Burrows on Spoken Word

November 15, 2018

So back in April 2018 Christine Burrows was kind enough to be my guest on Spoken Word. Here is the podcast - very very late, but oh so worth your time. Think awesome poems, and excellent tunes.

Christine Burrows is a Melbourne poet, originally from New Zealand. She has appears in many Australian and New Zealand anthologies and literary journals. Her work explores themes of grief, trauma, place, dislocation, social and environmental justice. Melbourne's poetry open mics are her current spiritual home- poetry keeps her going.

Rowan White on Spoken Word

November 15, 2018

Tune in to hear Rowan White in conversation with Spoken Word host Carmen Main.

Discussion and poetics ensue, focusing on expression and emotion in poetry, the political and personal, exploring privilege in art and life and the line between consumerism and letting go.

Rowan White is a Melbourne Spoken Word committee member, a Slamalamadingdong crew member and a 'Door Puppy' at Mother Tongue, as well as a Spoken Word Artist and poet in his own right. He has published a poetry collection titled "Headwind and other poems" (2015).

Danny Hutley on Spoken Word

November 15, 2018

Daniel Hutley is from Essex in the UK, and has been a regular on Melbourne’s open mics for the last two years. His poetry explores distance and fragmenting relationships. He came second place in the June Shenfield poetry award and in the John Shaw Nielson poetry award. This year he’s had short stories published in Gargouille magazine and the Visible Ink Anthology.

Tune in to hear him in conversation with Carmen Main on 3CR's Spoken Word program.

Felix Nobis LIVE @ The Night Heron

September 25, 2018

Felix Nobis LIVE @ The Night Heron

Loran Steinberg

September 22, 2018

Loran Steinberg is featured in a regrettably rare extended set of her poetry. In it, she reveals herself to be a sensitive and quirky poet of highly diverse means. There are long stream of consciousness episodes, short biting word quips, and other stuff in between. Ela and Santo put her under scrutiny in their interview. Loran comes out of it all gliding confidently, talking not only about her writing and performing, but also the developing and exciting new poetry scene in Footscray.

Ashleigh Russell

August 31, 2018

Ashleigh Russell takes a sharp and uncompromising look at issues of mental illness and how one lives with it for decades. Her poetry is often dark, certainly insightful, and may trigger discomfort in some listeners. There are, however, significant moments of positivity, joy and relief, which are beautifully articulated by Ashleigh, not only in her actual poetry but also in her chat with Ela.

Lisa Bellear

August 17, 2018

This programme features the poetry of long time 3CR stalwart, the late Lisa Bellear. Jen Jewel Brown has recently edited a beautiful anthology of Lisa's poetry for University of Western Australia Publishing. For twenty years, Lisa presented Not Another Koori Show on 3CR before her untimely death. She was not only a poet and broadcaster, but also an academic, social worker, photographer, theatre practitioner, Collingwood City councillor and, of course, passionate political fighter for Indigenous peoples.