September 24, 2016 Fadya Alameddine: reading Deep Within

Fadya Alameddine: “My novel 'Deep Within' was born after I had a dream, an utter awakening. Etched so deeply that it embraced my spirit so much that the only solution was ink to paper.

The main protagonist, Sarah Basheer, a seventeen year old Lebanese Druze girl, from an undesirable neighbourhood, develops a yearning desire to discover who she really is and ponders on her life, religion and infatuation with her high-school teacher.   

Sarah's parents having firm strict religious beliefs and ideals, force Sarah to travel to Lebanon and plan her arranged marriage to a stranger in fear they will lose their daughter to an Australian man. 

Will Sarah discover the truth behind her masked religion? Will she reunite with her unrequited love interest? Or in fact conform to her parents' rigidly enforced principles? “




Ms Fadya.Alameddine was born in Melbourne Victoria to Lebanese Druze parents whom immigrated to Australia in 1971 before the civil war broke out in Lebanon.
After graduating college in 1993, was accepted to a double degree Arts/Primary @ Deakin University, however deferred to travel with her parents overseas.
In the year of 1996 was successfully granted a job in a doctors surgery as a medical receptionist.
Owned and operated numerous cafés and small businesses.
Returned to study aged care completing cert 3 in aged care and currently studying Diversional therapy Cert 4 @ Holmsglen Campus in Chadston .
Currently works at Andrew Kerr Aged Care in Mornington as a PCA and Diversional Therapist.