July 21, 2016 Joffa: Isn’t that life

Community legend Joffe Corfe came into studios of 3CR and read from his book 'Joffa: isn't that life?'
Joining Joffa in the studio is Melissa Cleeman a dedicated editor who helped Joffe with his life story with Busybird Publishing.

Joffa talks about homelessness, making the most out of life's opportunities and being a dad caring for his wonderful daughter who also has epilepsy.

Joffa reads from his book with all the grace and smoothness of a 60 metre torpedo punt. Joffa's life story begins with his escape from domestic violence to his first great love in life- his beloved Magpies. 

Who is Joffa?

People have a misconception that Joffa is nothing more than a Collingwood bogan, a loudmouth in the Collingwood Cheer Squad.

But there’s more to the man than the image popularly espoused through the media and by people whose only interest is to cut him down.

Did you know Joffa came from an abusive household, that he was homeless as a teen, and about the countless hours of volunteer work he does for causes such as epilepsy, homelessness, and mental health? Did you know that football saved his life? In all likelihood, all you’ve ever really known about him is he follows Collingwood, but do you know about any of the machinations that go on behind the scenes as a supporter in the mighty Collingwood empire?

Joffa: Isn’t That Life? is a story about Joffa’s life in his own words. Whether you admire the man or loathe him, the only way you’ll ever get to know him – and get to know the true story about what makes Joffa tick – is through Joffa: Isn’t That Life?

Martin Flanagan article on Joffa: