March 28, 2017 Ms Saffaa: street art that depicts strong Middle Eastern women

In this edition of Spoken Word we hear spoken word readings by Ms Saffaa: a Sydney based artist, researcher, and a cultural activist.Saffaa is also interviewed by producer Peter Davis.

Ms Saffaa has an MFA in visual art from University of Sydney and is currently a Ph.D. candidate also at the University of Sydney. She exhibited at the Islamic Museum of Australia, in various galleries in Sydney, and internationally. She has also been commissioned to create public and private murals in Melbourne and Queensland and her work has been featured in media across the globe, including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC and PBS.   (this link has great pictures of Saffaa's street art)

 insta @IAmMyOwnGuardian

Ms Saffaa

Cultural Activist | Printmaker | Performance & Street Artist | Creator of the "I Am My Own Guardian" series. twitter @MsSaffaa insta @IAmMyOwnGuardian