May 25, 2016 Robert James Conlon Live @ The Dan

Robert James Conlon is a long time exponent of the art of taking an audience in one direction, only to sneak up behind them and yell 'Gotcha!'. This is not to say he will not put himself in the firing line. We all come under scrutiny and Robert's work features a high level of self-analysis.

He has been a part of the Melbourne poetry scene since the 90s and has performed widely; in addition to his more recent long term project of posting more poems to Youtube than anyone ever. He studied writing at Victoria University and Holmeglenn TAFE and continues to hone his craft the best way a poet can. By writing as often as possible.

In 2014 he was the winner of the Brimank Poetry Competition (of which he has also been runner up). He has been a Victorian finalist of the Australian Poetry Slam and also battled Komninos Zervos in a poetry-wrestling ring in 2015.