September 22, 2016 Spoken Word - Hamish Danks Brown Live @ The Dancing Dog

Since last year, he has been on a perpetual poetic pilgrimage across Austaleya, Dreamerica, Canadada, Dangleterre, Paristhmus, Italicks, Cirque du Turquie and Singapore. Currently based in Mel Burn, he has applied for a Collide art award residency with CERN particle physics lab in Geneva and FACT art and technology institute in Liverpool, with the intention of curating a poetry project titled 'DisCERN'.

He has published 1 chapbook 'All Other Destinations' (2010) and dozens of poems in journals and anthologies around the world. These 3 Poeteers frequently perform, record, write and apply their poetry and spoken word via a combination of travel and socia lmedia networking, as well as workshops for organisations such as Melbourne Laneway Learning. The 3 Poeeters also speak French as they are influenced by the literary experiments of OuLiPo (Ourvoir de Litterature Potentielle), so also perform and write and translate for la poesie Francophone . All in all they treat poetry as a worldwide wordplayground.