April 9, 2017 Spoken Word - Laura Fisher LIVE @ The Dancing Dog

Laura’s first job was with the prestigious British supermarket Sainsburys. She tried to make friends with her co-workers (for she had few at school), but since most of them were into So-Solid-Crew and Arsenal she found that she had more in common with the numerous bottles of condiments and tinned non-perishables that she was stacking. From there she left her half-cockney/half-posh conservative town of Welwyn Garden City to seek music, arts and literature in the industrial city of Manchester. There she joined the Manchester University Creative Writing Society who brought out an anthology called ‘Tiny Minds’. There are not many copies of this book in circulation, but literature archaeologists believe that there is one copy in her parent’s garage, despite Mr and Mrs Fisher being unable to locate it.

Laura then went on to live in Sheffield briefly and after she went Bristol for a duration, giving her an accent that is difficult to pin down and changeable depending on what mood she’s in. In Bristol she dedicated herself to a civic job unrelated to poetry where she joined a big, nation-wide team that served every member of the British public. The skills acquired in this role are appreciated on a global scale and this led Laura to the city of Melbourne.

Alone and far away from home, Laura missed her many English friends. She thought particularly of the condiments and non-perishables from her long ago first job and their struggle to get from the storeroom onto the shelves. She started writing poems to tell their stories. Laura has also been inspired by nature, the universe, the perspectives of animals and the difficulties that arise when animals choose to poo in places that are inconvenient to humans. She is also working on her novel ‘Autumnal Equinox’ which combines Celtic folklore with contemporary characters struggling in a grossly unequal, class dominated society.