July 27, 2016 Spoken Word - ReVerse Butcher live @ The Dan

Under various names and in a variety of disguises, ReVerse Butcher has been performing, experimenting with and publishing her poetry for 15 years. She was a founding member of the Speedpoets (QLD), and moved on to coordinate and collaborate on several other open mic poetry readings including: Trip the Word Fantastic (QLD), WamJam (QLD), Beat @ The Boat (NSW) and ContraVerse (QLD & VIC). She has previously sung or spoken with several musical acts including: The Electric Afterglow (QLD), The Molotov (QLD) and Trypswytch (QLD/NSW). ReVerse is currently engaged in a series of elaborate art experiments around Melbourne, called the #antiresidency which you may or may not ever find.