February 15, 2017 Spoken Word - Rik the Most LIVE @ the Dan

Rik The Most (aka Rikki Livermore) is a powerful performance poet, hailing from the UK who enjoys taking inspiration from the, both, amazing and horrifying aspects of humanity to create works that question and deeply explore the world in which we live. He has performed at countless events and festivals all over the UK and his work has been featured by a number of worthy causes and campaigns, including the National Union of Teachers, art exhibitions in Tasmania and Finland and, notably, he was commissioned by the BBC to write two modern war poems for their World War One At Home tour – commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War. With a keen ear for rhythms, Rik used to work as a dancer but he sustained a long term injury which is currently halting that hobby, however he has maintained his intense passion (bordering on obsession!) for playing around with rhythms and rhymes in his written work, taking each word apart and analyzing the syllables for all they’re worth!